Optare Services
Optare Services

Optare Services provides consulting and training for construction professionals. With the recent OSHA law requiring
certification for any person engaged in a construction activity who is operating a crane, it is critical that you can
trust your trainer. Optare can customize the training and administer testing needed to meet all requirements and
certifications in cranes, signal person and rigging.


Mobile Crane Operator Certification

Our training for crane operator certification under OSHA law 29 CFR 1926.1400, includes 28 hours of classroom training on the new OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1400 requirements for operators. 

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Site Review and Set-up
  • Operations
  • Basic Rigging and Wire Rope
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Load Charts

This is a class for Operators who need to be certified under the new regulations. It is not designed for new Operators. Testing is available.

Training includes:

  • 32 Hours of Classroom Training
  • One Written Test
  • One Professional Crane Operator’s Book
  • One Practical exam

Practicals will be scheduled with the companies after the class is completed.


Qualified Signal Person

This class is designed to meet the needs for the new OSHA Qualified Hand Signal Person under 29 CFR 1926.1428.

  • 8 Hours of Training Under the New OSHA Law
  • 20 Recognized Hand Signals
  • Voice Communications
  • Crane Set-up
  • Site Set-up
  • Crane Operations and Limitations

The class is set up for 8 hours of training and testing.

Both a written and hands on practical assessment.

Maximum class Size: 12 students

Minimum class size: 8 students


Advanced Rigger

Rigging training is an advanced program that is customized to make your crews proficient on the equipment your company utilizes by offering:

  • Estimation of Weights
  • Sling Angles
  • Center of Gravity
  • Wire Rope
  • Chain
  • Slings and Their Uses
  • Mechanical Advantage
  • Rigging Attachments
    • Hooks
    • Eye Bolts
    • Inspection
  • ACRA Handbook for Riggers

Maximum class size: 12 Students

Minimum class size: 8 Students

Students are responsible for supplying proper PPE: Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Gloves, Proper Foot Wear.


Qualified Overhead Crane Operator

This class is designed to meet the needs for Qualified Overhead Crane Operator under MIOSHA Part 18.

The class is designed to provide the employee with the skill and knowledge to operate the overhead crane safely

  • Control Functions
  • Safe Operating Practices
  • Daily Inspections
  • Hand Signals

The class is set up for 8 hours of Training and Testing.

We do in-house training, teaching your employees how to properly operate your crane.

Qualification cards are issued upon successful completion of both the written and hands on tests.

Maximum Class Size: 15 students

Minimum Class Size: 8 students