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Upcoming Classes

Mid-Michigan (Midland Location) Classes will also be offered the second full week of every month (Subject to

change do to class scheduling)

June 11-14, 2018

July 9-12, 2018

August 13-16, 2018

Southeast Michigan (Madison Heights Location) Contact us for upcoming class dates.


Other Locations (With a class of 8 or more we will come to your location) call for details


Crane Operator Certification

32 hours of classroom training on the new OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1400 requirements for operators.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Site Review and Set-up
  • Operations
  • Basic Rigging and Wire Rope
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Load Charts

This is a class for operators who need to be certified under the new regulations. It is not designed for new Operators. NCCER testing is available.

Training includes:

  • 32 Hours of Classroom Training
  • One NCCER Written Test
  • One NCCER Practical exam
  • 4 hours at the end of day four allowed for Written test

Written/testing included.

Call 989-245-3963 to register for class.

Class size limited to 12 students.


Customer Testimonials

The purpose of this letter is to share my experience with Optare Services lie and further, recommend Gerry Kenyon and his staff for Mobile Crane Operator Certification. My name is Joe Pomponio, Vice President of Pomponio Construction Inc. We are a commercial masonry company operating in Southeast Michigan for over 40 years. As part of our regular operation, we use rough terrain cranes to place material to various hard to reach locations around our jobsites. In the interest of maintaining a safe jobsite and complying with new OSHA regulations, we decided to pursue training for our operators. As a manger within our company, I felt the need to take the training myself to assess the class as well as supplement my knowledge of proper crane operation.

I was introduced to Optare Services by a colleague in the construction industry . Optare appealed to us for several reasons. With respect to the classroom portion of the training, Gerry and his staff possess "real world" knowledge as they spent an entire career in the skilled trades. To that end, they understand what we as operators see on the job, share similar experiences, and provide valuable insight we can truly use. They also have excellent technical knowledge of the course material and can effectively communicate the material to a variety of student profiles.

As far as the practical portion of the training, Gerry visits my site, to test on my equipment with which I am familiar and comfortable. He makes every attempt to accommodate schedule . He offers weekend testing if desired to work around regular operations . He will travel far and wide to get to the site. In my experience, Gerry has proven more than willing to answer question after question to ensure I was prepared for this portion of the testing.

In conclusion, I am completely satisfied with the training I received from Optare Services. Gerry and his staff effectively convey technical information with real world knowledge to prepare their students for both the written and practical portions of the certification. I have been around cranes for a number of years and I thought I knew the right way to do things. I can honestly say, I am a better operator having gone through the certification. I would not hesitate to send my employees to Optare.

— Joe Pomponio, Vice President
Pomponio Construction, Inc.

We have been using Optare Services for a year now. We have used them for forklift training and scissor lift training as well.

Gerry Kenyon and his staff have been very easy to work with. They have worked around our scheduling to accommodate our industry.

We would not hesitate to use Optare Services again. We would highly recommend them.

— Jason Kipfmiller, Purchasing/Safety
Answer Heating & Cooling, Inc.